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Kanban-Ace Framework Akashi Bridge
We are quite grateful to the good folks at InfoQ for giving us the opportunity to share a major part of the upcoming Kanban-Ace Framework on their website. The article introduces several key ideas: What is Kanban today, particularly Kanban Classic. The growing work of Corey Ladas, Al Shalloway, Henrik Kniberg, and us at AgileLion. A good introduction to Kanban-Ace, particularly for how the boards work, and the advantages they bring to Scrum And finally the Akashi Bridge, a brand new... + read more
Let’s Go Back to Basics In the late 1990s Kent Beck and the people behind Extreme Programming realized that large software projects did not need extensive, detailed documentation to communicate the needs of the users to the development team. Instead of investing considerable time and effort on documentation they came up with this idea: -Write a minimal but useful description of what the software should do. The description should fit a standard index card! Even more they argued that... + read more
This week at AgileLion Institute we celebrate our third anniversary! Since 2013 we have offered high quality online Kanban training, and certification available anytime, anywhere. What makes our Kanban training unique however is not the online availability, but the Kanban Ace method itself. Unlike other options in the market, Kanban Ace is an Agile and Lean method that is close to the needs of software developers, project managers, IT executives, and innovators anywhere. Our method also... + read more
As Agile professionals in Software Development, Project Management, IT Operations, Marketing or Finance we are asked many times to work under the umbrella of the popular Scrum Framework. While Scrum has some good ideas that can help a company come closer to faster releases, and some level of agility it achieves this goals by imposing a recipe for Agile, a series of rules and practices that many times can become quite demanding, frustrating, and limiting to people who know there is a better... + read more
Scrum the bad parts - image of the survey questions
As Agile Kanban practitioners we have to deal many times with Scrum, and it's limitations. Scrum has a lot of good going for it, but on occasion it can be quite frustrating. Please share with us your feedback by clicking and responding the Survey below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13rm8eFWriEPqA-9jU1fPWIhnhoKT9rNcFqdolfyl4aM/viewform Your input is very valuable for us, and we plan to follow-up with a post that examines our findings and shares them with our community. As always your... + read more


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