AgileLion Celebrates Two Years of Agile & Lean Innovation! Celebrate With Us With Discounts Up to 53%!

2nd anniversary graphic

Two years ago Annita and I launched AgileLion Institute. Our dream was to create an innovative, people friendly method to manage and deliver work.

Since then many things have happened, and as we celebrate we wanted to remember what has been achieved so far:

  • We created Open Kanban, an open source, Agile and Lean approach to manage work that is minimalistic, and easy to understand, we call it Ultra Light
  • We also created the Kanban Ace Method, an extension to the Open Kanban method that focuses on software development, project management, and product building.
  • We also launched a unique online Kanban Ace course. Unlike other online courses that only have online videos, our course offers a live question and answer session from anywhere on the globe, and also email support.
  • We designed and launched the Certified Kanban Ace class, unlike other certifications, ours was not based on a memory test, but actual work with a realistic business case. In addition the class is delivered always live world wide. Feedback from our students has been very positive, some even asked us to use their own successful responses to teach others, and we gladly agreed.
  • In these two years we got students all over the world from as far as Singapore, Australia, Germany and Italy to as close as San Diego, Miami, New York and Toronto.
  • We are also grateful to the many people in the community who helped us translate Open Kanban to 6 languages! French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.
  • In addition one of our Certified Kanban Ace students: Walid Farag actually wrote an extension method for Open Kanban, his method is called Shared Leadership.
  • We were interviewed by InfoQ an got an opportunity to share our motivation and particular approach to Kanban, the value of the one true Agile, and the importance of Technical Excellence today.
  • Finally we’ve written multiple explanations of the different sides of Kanban, it’s connection with Scrum, the different electronic tools to use it, and how it can make a difference in the life of IT professionals or even regular people in their daily lives.

Looking back we can only say thank you to all our students, consulting customers and especially to the people who recommended us, wrote about us and took our classes.

Ahead of us are many projects:

  • Open Kanban 2. This time we focus on people first, but still keep Open Kanban useful for any organization. We are the only method that is being simplified further!
  • BELEAF the BEspoke Lean Agile Framework. Our unique approach to extend the Kanban Ace method to fit any organization, regardless of size, like a glove!.
  • The Kanban Ace Trainer CertificationThe highest level of training, for those who want to train future Kanban Ace certified Practitioners and Coaches.

To celebrate we are giving to all our new students a significant 53% discount for our Video Course, and a 20% discount for our live Q&A and Certified Kanban Ace Coach class.
The discount is valid until July 31st! Just use the coupon code AGILELION and discover the power of Open Kanban and the Kanban Ace method.

Looking forward to serving you this year, and always.

Joseph Hurtado,
Annita Yegorova de Hurtado
Founders AgileLion Institute