Our Introduction to Open Kanban on InfoQ

Open Kanban article on InfoQ

We are very grateful to the people at InfoQ especially Floyd Marinescu a good friend and fellow Canadian; and also to Shane Hastie a great Agile fellow and editor for helping us to deliver a quality article for InfoQ's IT and Software Development audience.
Open Kanban embraces freedom and innovation, and actually it is an Agile and Lean method that is open source and welcomes contributions, now translated to several languages. I encourage you to read the article on InfoQ, here is a brief excerpt from the first paragraphs:

The best thing in those early days is that there was no us versus them, it was all us, and we were happy to discover new ways to do things better. Agile and Lean are simply two sides of the same coin: ways to improve and do things better... Fast forward to 2014 and the world has changed a lot. The spirit of collaboration among Agile and Lean methods is mostly gone, replaced instead by competition, and rivalry. Can we revert this situation and go back to true collaboration among Agile and Lean methods? I am sure we can! In fact already many Kanban, Scrum, XP and SAFe practitioners do this, mixing ideas, techniques and tools from many methods to get things done. This an eminently pragmatic approach, and one I wholeheartedly agree on.