Beyond DevOps: Bringing Agile to the Enterprise. Why SAFe and Kanban are Leading the Way.

“Companies rarely die from moving too fast, and they frequently die from moving too slowly.” Reed Hastings, Netflix

In the last 3 years, Agile has leaped beyond Software Development & IT to find receptive ears in the offices of important CEOs and their management teams. This time unlike what happened in the early 2000s the companies adopting Agile are large corporations that recognize the value that agility brings: happier customer, better collaboration, faster product cycles, and innovation.

What’s the Problem with Scrum, and How can we Fix it?

As Agile professionals in Software Development, Project Management, IT Operations, Marketing or Finance we are asked many times to work under the umbrella of the popular Scrum Framework.

While Scrum has some good ideas that can help a company come closer to faster releases, and some level of agility it achieves this goals by imposing a recipe for Agile, a series of rules and practices that many times can become quite demanding, frustrating, and limiting to people who know there is a better way.

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